Peloton Cycle: My honest review.


Hi all,

I wanted to do a bit of a fitness-focused post today. By request, I have been asked by a few of y’all to talk about my Peloton bike experience. For those of you who don’t know what Peloton is, that’s OK! In short, it is God’s gift to the world of spinning. Just look at that sleek, sexy, beauty.


With all of the choices for home cycling bikes out there, here is a bit of the back story on why I decided to go with Peloton.

I was an AVID spinner, going to classes everyday, sometimes twice a day! I couldn’t get enough. There was just something about that dark room, high energy, loud music, amazing instructors, and crazy lights which transported me to a raging party …rather than a workout. Those who spin know what I’m sayin’…a few classes and you’re hooked. Similar to an addict, you need it in your life, and will make it happen…however you can.

So… let’s talk financials. Depending on the gym or spin studio, single classes can range from $20-$35 dollars. Unlimited monthly packages can vary between $150-$500, depending on your location. Regardless of where you live…spinning is expensive. My solution? Get a home cycle, if you use it a lot….it’s totally worth it.

Here are my initial pro’s and con’s for home cycling in general:

Pros: I loved the idea of having the freedom to jump on the bike whenever I wanted. It is so easy for me to lose motivation when I have to get dressed (in presentable workout gear), drive to the gym, find parking, put on my spin shoes, find a bike…you get the idea. So, when I could literally hop on a bike in my living room…my excuses were reduced to zero. As a busy adult, I needed the simplicity that home workouts provided. 

I also grew fond of the idea that no one had to see me whilst working out. Exercising in your living room = no pants necessary, and the freedom to shout all of the expletives your little heart desires. Side note: if you aren’t pushed to uncontrollable bouts of cursing (while riding)…you’re doing it wrong.

Cons: I knew I would be unmotivated if I purchased a basic bike, parked it in front of a TV, and tried to ride without instruction. Y’all, I am admittedly lazy. I need someone cheering me on and pushing me. If I was going to transition to a home cycle, I wanted to be sure that I would be getting just as good of a workout, as I would in class.

My other major con was missing out on the community aspect of group fitness. I grew to love my gym, and it became a second home to me. I adored the instructors, had made friends with fellow spinners, and felt so uplifted when I would leave class. My studio did a wonderful job of having events outside of class too. For example, after class on Saturday mornings we would head over to a restaurant for brunch. I fell in love with the spinning community, and felt so welcomed.

I originally joined a gym because I was at a place in my life where I realized I didn’t have many friends (in the area) and needed some girl time. Crazy right? Joining a gym for a reason other than fitness? By doing this, I pushed myself to go completely out of my comfort zone. I made myself strike up conversations with people, make fun plans, and really put myself out there. I was so worried that by leaving, I would lose a bunch of great friends. Friendship takes effort, and I had put a whole lot in. I hoped to retain these friends upon leaving the gym.

So, after weighing the pro’s and con’s…I decided to take the plunge and buy a bike. And after hours of scouring the internet, I found my solution: Peloton.

My biggest reason for choosing Peloton was that they had live classes! LIVE CLASSES, people. So, you get all of the benefits of a studio class…in your own home! Like I said previously, the community aspect of fitness was really important to me. With Peloton, I do not feel like I am not missing out on that at all. The instructors are SO interactive! Even though, there are 100’s to 1000’s of people taking a class at one time, the instructors still make such an effort to give you a shout out. You don’t feel like a number at all. It is an extremely positive environment. Also you can ‘follow’ different riders, similar to any social media experience. This is another way to connect and make friends with riders around the globe!

How to the rides measure up to a studio class?

I would say they are actually better than a real studio class! The rides are challenging and invigorating- with plenty of modifications. Anyone, at any level of fitness can and will find success using Peloton. In addition to live classes, there is a wide range of other types of fitness classes available. There are many pre-recorded classes (if you’re uncomfortable doing a live ride), scenic rides (riding through nature), and strength, toning and yoga/stretching classes. You are completely able to achieve total body fitness using Peloton. This is another reason Peloton is awesome compared to a spin studio! Most spin boutiques are strictly spin. So then you’re doing weight training at another gym, or at home…AKA another expense and pain in the rear. I love that Peloton is my one stop shop for total body fitness!

How does the bike compare to a studio bike?

The craftsmanship of the bike is incredible. It is extremely solid and the hardware is impeccable. My bike was delivered with care and set up right in my home. Also, I had a few questions about my bike and Peloton’s customer service was amazing. I often joke to my friends that my Peloton bike is my most prized possession and my greatest purchase ever….and it is!

My Peloton tips:

  • Get some quality wireless headphones for your ride. When I first stared using my bike, I did not use headphones. I notice, when using a good pair of noise cancelling headphones, I cannot hear myself breathing loudly or any other distractions. This seems to allow my brain to focus on the task at hand, rather than my heavy breathing or car alarms or whatever else is taking away from my ride. I am able to forget how hard I am working and truly enjoy the ride. 

    Samsung Level On wireless headphones are my favorite, I have linked them below.

     level on

  • Try all of the the instructors before picking favorites! As a creature of habit, when I first got my bike, I really connected personally with two instructors. I found myself taking their classes only. I have since branched out, and I love all of the different vibes that are given off by different teachers. Variety is the spice of life!

  • TOTAL Personal preference: while riding, I minimize the leader board, calorie count, mileage, and time on the bike screen. As mentioned, I am easily distracted. When I am done with a 45 min ride, I typically burn around 500 calories and travel 13 miles. So, when I am starting out and see all zero’s across my screen…I feel overwhelmed because I know how much work is ahead of me.  By eliminating these tracking devices (as I am riding), I find that I have a much better ride. Of course, I love looking at them after my ride and am happy to have them! This method just works for me personally. As I become more advanced, I will use all metrics during my ride. At this point, however, I prefer to simply focus on cadence, resistance, and output.

  • If you’re considering getting a bike, but not sure if its worth it…be honest with yourself and crunch the numbers. So, if you are (realistically) only able to hop on the bike twice a week, it may not make sense to invest in a home cycle. Or, if you do, be aware of how long it will take for you to break even (as if you were taking classes) cash-wise. No one likes to waste money. Just be honest with yourself and make the right choice for you!

  • Have plenty of water by your bike, an absorbent hand towel, and a fan. All of these items make my ride…so. much. better.  There is nothing worse than being thirsty, or sopping wet during a workout. I prefer to keep my towel and water in arm’s reach next to the bike, rather than on the bike. I like a gentle fan blowing too. This is once again preference, I just feel that (although I am dripping sweat) a cool breeze during a workout keeps me refreshed. 

So, what now?

For those of you who have thought about investing in a home cycle- do it. You won’t look back and wish you had transitioned sooner. I genuinely feel refreshed spiritually, mentally, and physically after each ride. I can’t thank Peloton and it’s wonderful instructors enough, for the light they bring into my home daily.

Regarding the community aspect, am I still friends with people from my old gym? No, not really..and I am OK with that, because now I have my #pelofam. If I wouldn’t have joined a cycling gym (even though my original motivation wasn’t really fitness related), I never would have realized that I have a true passion for spinning! God works in mysterious ways.

Finally, if you haven’t given cycling a try yet, and have made it through this post…get off your couch…do a bit of googling… and get your booty to a class. You and your (soon to be toned) ass will thank me.

Note: This was NOT a sponsored post*

Also, if you are a rider on Peloton, comment below and let’s connect!


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24 thoughts on “Peloton Cycle: My honest review.

  1. Hey Katie- I have had my bike for a bit over a year and have gotten a ton of use out of it… huge fan. And then I was hit by a car on my road bike in June. Ouch. Anyway, I was counting on my Peloton to help me rehab but I have been really disappointed in the fact that the Wi-Fi card in the touchscreen is no longer working (after sitting dormant, untouched for 2 months) and the Peloton tech support is pretty useless with anything other than a routine issue. Anyway, it is $700.00 to replace the damn touchscreen despite the only issue being the Wi-Fi card! Again, I have been an evangelist up until now… take this for what it’s worth. I now have a very expensive clothes hanger in my basement.

    1. Hi Adam,
      Thanks for your response!! A. I am so sorry to hear about your accident! So glad you’re ok!! And B. I am also soooo sad to hear about your Peloton issues!!! My screen was not connecting to the metrics and they sent me a brand new one and installed it for free! I am so sad and shocked that happened with your chip…I would be sooooo dang angry…. let me know if you get it up and running and we can connect on Peloton! I only have like 2 ‘friends’ on pelo and it would be so fun to have more!!!

  2. I am so ready to pull the trigger on this, but I’m waiting to see it there is a Black Friday deal as in the past. I love spinning but having the ability to do this at home at my convenience is so appealing. As soon as I get one I’ll post again. Thanks for your review. I honestly haven’t read many negative things in my research of the bike. I’m sorry for the person above whose screen isn’t working though, that’s not cool.

  3. Hello Katie! Thanks for your review! I am currently trying to decide between buying a cheaper bike and using the app, or biting the bullet and getting the Peloton. My heart says get the Peloton, but my wallet is screaming “Are you friggin kidding me???” haha

    1. Hi Marisa! I thought the exact same thing before buying mine!!! I will say however, I feel it is 100 percent worth it. You feel so much more connected and get a way better ride because you can track your metrics. I think with their new financing option it is wayyyy more affordable too. I think in the end you are going to spend money anyways and it would be such a shame to not like it (by not getting the pelo). Also I feel that I have stuck with it so long because I do feel so connected and like I am really part of Peloton (if that makes sense lol)!!!! Thank you for the comment!!!

  4. I just bought the Peloton bike and can’t wait to get it delivered! I am trying to find a good place to have it. I want it in the bedroom so I see it every day. But my husband wants to put it in our front living room 🙁

  5. Very good Review! Though I’m still undecided on purchasing a Peloton , your perspective was very helpful.

  6. For me cycling is all about riding in the great outdoors but I live in an area where I don’t fear for my life while on the bike. If the weather’s bad, I’ll hop onto my home trainer for a quick workout. However, I can see the allure of the Peloton, particularly after your excellent review.

  7. Interesting post on Pelaton bike. I’ll be honest, A few years ago after my aunt died we inherited a bike. I road it for a while and well lost an average of 10 pounds. That’s not much when you consider how long I rode. Ok so it was only a 1/2 hour a night. I just couldn’t get motivated and so I gave up the riding. Yes I still have the bike though. followed you back. Thanks for the follow that means a lot to me.

    1. I appreciate your thoughtful comment!!! I think if the classes were not live and in front of me I would never do it!!!! Lol!!!!! And 10
      Pounds is amazing, that’s some dedication there!! 😁🙌🏼😁🙌🏼

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