The Cold Weather Shoes You Need. All Under $100!


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Hey, howdy, hey!

So, today I wanted to do a post about some of my favorite shoes. Before I begin, I have to share how I managed to stumble upon (quite literally) the brand: Aerosoles.

Quick backstory, I broke my foot last December.

Y’all…I’d like to say it was doing something heroic or impressive. But alas, I was going to a high end holiday gala…when my teeny tiny stiletto got caught in a crack in the sidewalk. I fell, in front of a crowd, in a floor length dress, and proceeded to scream cry while bystanders watched in horror. I was the epitome of every woman’s worst nightmare. Instead of going to the hospital immediately, I decided to throw my heels back on and dance the night away. I was so embarrassed that I thought I could get up, shake it off and be cool. WRONG. Upon arriving home my foot had doubled in size. When I woke in the morning I headed into the doctors office and (surprise, surprise) I had broken 2 bones. I spent 4 months in a cast and 2 months in intensive rehab.

Moral of the story: guess what? Those cutesy stilettos… ARE. NOT worth it….especially in the winter!

Fast forward to today and you can bet your bottom that I have learned my lesson. I felt so silly at the doctors office explaining how I hurt myself because it was something so avoidable. However, my doctor informed me that these shoe related accidents happen quite often. After my injury, I searched and searched for shoes that were stylish but would give me the support that I needed. I am barely 5’3 and love to rock a nice heel. The thought of never wearing heels again filled me with sadness. Which leads me to my current favorite brand of shoes: Aerosoles! I swear, these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. They are also on trend and all under $100!

Check out a few pairs that I love, also…they are all on sale!


This bootie is awesome with jeans and a fun fall/winter coat!



I can’t even with these red loafers….SO comfortable and a statement piece for the holidays!!!


CHATROOM~292~AV1~508PXI love styling this boot with a dress, cozy sweater, and leggings. Superb for the season.



You cant go wrong with a classic black bootie! Literally perfect for almost any outfit.


I love this boot because it’s a fun twist on a classic winter boot.

So, if you have never heard of Aerosoles, I sure hope you give them a try. Your wallet and feet will thank you!!

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That first post tho.


Where to begin?

……I’ve gone back and forth on the idea of starting a blog for a long time. So here goes! I want my readers to know that I am a REAL person. Meaning, my posts will be honest, funny, and reflective of who I am. I suppose I will categorize my writing as ‘a Life & Style blog’, which is the easiest way to get out of *actually categorizing* yourself. Perfect.

Why a blog, you ask? I have a 9-5 office job (which I actually love) but wanted an outlet for my creativity, thoughts, and ideas. So what does a millennial do? ….BINGO! start a blog. If you’re interested in life, then this cutmypiclife & style blog is your perfect fit. Bad joke, but seriously..if you are interested in food, style, sprinkled with some real talk and humor…you’re in the right place. I promise I will not disappoint.

Who is the face behind this keyboard warrior? A 27-year-old, brown haired, blue eyed, Midwestern gal. I have lived in Wisconsin all of my life and yes…I love cheese, am a packer fan, and we do have a decent amount of cows here. I do not, however, live on a farm or know anyone from Making a Murderer. That should answer any non-wisco readers questions right off the bat.

Now for some logistics, I am planning on updating the blog on Thursday’s around 7PM CST. Please feel free to contact me regarding posts or questions in general. You can never have too many friends, and I would love to hear from you!